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Thread: The GNU Flash Player Reaches Beta

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    Default The GNU Flash Player Reaches Beta

    Phoronix: The GNU Flash Player Reaches Beta

    Gnash, the open-source plug-in and standalone player designed to implement Adobe Flash (SWF) that's being worked on by the Free Software Foundation, had reached a beta status last week. Gnash 0.8.2 was released and represents the first beta of this GPL Flash player...

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    Default Youtube

    Youtube seems to work again with this release, and it seems to be performing a lot better. However, the as well as lots of others don't work well or at all.

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    Maybe Phoronix could do a comparison of gnash and swfdec and see which works for more sites and supports more features?

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    I second TRS-80, swfdec-mozilla (the plugin) worked with youtube for me too, but the last version I tried was with 0.5.5 and the audio was out of sync probably because it was using 100% of the CPU.

    There is an extension to switch flash plugins, but it's windows only:

    It does detect different plugins/versions if you make the right directories and symlink the *.so files to NPSWF32.dll, but restarts firefox with an error in a gtk window when you try to change to another plugin. Changing the permissions of /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins/ doesn't seem to help.

    Having such an extension could really speed up gnash/swfdec adoption on linux, especially 64-bit.

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