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Thread: Sabayon 13.08 Brings Systemd By Default, UEFI Fixes

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    Quote Originally Posted by stqn View Post
    This reply shows that _you_ are misinformed.

    Iíll admit that I havenít had the reload-every-second problem but Iíve heard about it. The rest Iíve experienced first hand.
    When? When systemd was first put into Fedora 17? Put Fedora 19 on a computer, install all the updates, and use it as your main computer doing everything you normally do and see if you still have problems. Bugs get fixed. And frankly I've had NONE of the problems you've mentioned so something was very wrong with your install when you tried it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stqn View Post
    systemd does not deserve any respect… It’s very complex (supposedly to make things work automagically, but guess what… it does _not_ work automagically), complicated to use (writing unit files for everything is not my idea of fun), and broken (restart crashing daemons every second? check! Stall startup or shutdown indefinitely? check! Make it impossible for end-users to access their core dumps? check!); it does not solve any problem (as far as end-users are concerned at least), and it changes behaviour at each release, and changes system settings that it shouldn’t.
    Unit files are a lot easier and cleaner than the horrific mess of bash scripts we had before. When I was an early adopter of systemd in arch I was able to easily write a few of them, and I was a total systemd noob

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