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Thread: Xfce-Based Xubuntu Will Not Ship XMir For 13.10

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwat47 View Post
    its not a "sign" of anythings, its page hits for a single website, its meaningless.
    At least it does provide feel-good moments to obtuse people.

    I too reacted to the "more good news" bit in the article. Although it might be biased, I'd say it's indeed good news the Xubuntu team is playing it safe for the sake of their users, they could have decided to greenlight XMir in its current state for obscure reasons. With the time to EOL for non LTS versions being halved, it's fairly obvious Canonical is willing to treat standard Ubuntu releases as beta/testing and thus to push unoptimized software stacks for those. Mir/XMir might work well enough to make the whole deal a nonissue soon enough though.

    The headline is "Xubuntu skips Mir this time around", not "Xubuntu ditches Mir all together", folks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by who_me View Post
    Those remaining Ubuntu fans still are a lot more than any others distro fans according to Steam's HW survey. I'm perfectly happy with 12.04. No reason for me to "upgrade" till 2017 unless it's to something that's a lot better. There's plenty of time to evaluate.
    Users and fans aren't the same thing, you know? According to Steam, I'm probably an Ubuntu user. I'm not at all an Ubuntu fan, right now.

    Quote Originally Posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
    The headline is "Xubuntu skips Mir this time around", not "Xubuntu ditches Mir all together", folks...
    Well, it skips XMir, not Mir. Mir is not even an option right now, and it being an option for Xubuntu is not on them, but on XFCE devs.
    On the "more good news", avoiding that extra layer is the better option for most users. Mir advantages are arguable at worst, but XMir advantages are near to or plainly non existent, and if existent, they are pretty much marginal. I still don't get why some people can't realize XMir is not a feature.

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