I am feature requesting an ability to test/report JACK performance on different kernels with different patches applied.

I am having a very difficult time running 3.11 Low Latency from UbuntuStudio and 3.10.5_rt and 3.10.6_rt that I built. Each of these kernels gave much higher idle workload. They also crashed frequently when stressed. An example would be frames/128, 44.1 JACK was running at an average of 10% idle.

I know that when I was building the 3.10.5rt kernel, I had an option regarding ticks. dynticks. Different things I really dont know about in regards to what is needed in an audio distro that wants to run JACK.

Contrarily, WHen I run an old Debian/stable audio distro (AV_Linux 6.01b), I can run 3.6.6_rt and also 3.8.something.pae (not sure if its with the RT patch). Both are running with same hardware specs but 0.61-1.5% idle.

I know stable vs very new branches have everything to do with it. Well, actually, I don't really know. I think its the case. I really don't know much except that I am hoping that someday there might be a way to run tests on PTS to compare.