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Thread: Favorite minimalist distro

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    Default Favorite minimalist distro

    What is everyone's favorite small/minimalist Linux distribution?

    I think my favorite ought to be Damn Small Linux (DSL) or SLAX.

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    While I wouldn't go as far as calling Slackware "minimal", you can surely make a minimal install of it. Unchecking X and things that depend on it (KDE, etc.) is a good start. From there you can disable other packages that you'd find redundant, such as the dozen daemons it includes and a bunch of other programs. While this might seem like a hassle to do, I'd definitely prefer that to finding a completely new distro, downloading it, burning it to a CD, installing it and learning/configuring it. I think most distros have the potential to be stripped down and customized.

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    Though it's not really considered minimal, Gentoo would be my favorite because you start from the bottom and only install what you need. That's minimal enough for me.

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    I've been all about Arch for the last year or so, but I'm about to trash it until they get past their growing pains (HUGE testing > current migrations).

    Frugalware looks like a nice project, I think I'll use it to build LFS. Then I'll be able to criticize the Arch devs with a clear conscience

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