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Thread: Steam Linux Usage Drops During August

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desti View Post
    If everyone let's 4 games on Steam running over night every day, Steam usage statistics will skyrocket.
    Anything to back this up? AFAIK the steam survey comes randomly and not by how many games a user plays (I'm playing a lot on linux but never saw the survey).

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnc View Post
    If it was running in a window (or fullscreen window) rather than exclusive fullscreen mode, there would be a performance hit.

    Also multi-core rendering doesn't really work so you'll want to disable that. You can't disable it in L4D2 in the menu however, due to a bug, so you have to open the console and disable it there by entering "mat_queue_mode 0".
    Quote Originally Posted by hoohoo View Post
    Thanks John! I will try these things you describe - I definitely would like to run L4D2 on Linux instead of rebooting into Windows.
    I'm curious...
    Have you tried this yet? Did it make any difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernard Swiss View Post
    I'm curious...
    Have you tried this yet? Did it make any difference?
    Actually I think I have to amend my earlier comments a bit.

    I run w/ EIST enabled in the BIOS. I think the cpufreq ondemand governor kinda doesn't work (the CPU runs at either lowest frequency or highest frequency or turbo frequency... nothing in between). With the ondemand governor set, I can't disable Multicore Rendering in L4D2 w/o using that console command. And with it on, there are too many stutters. I assume with multithreading the CPU frequency is set low and this causes a bottleneck.

    If I use the cpufreq performance governor, Multicore Rendering is disabled by default (but it can be enabled... I think) and performance is fine either way.

    So now I just set the governor to performance before playing L4D2.

    Ohh and as a side note... I installed Steam on OS X for the first time the other day... and immediately the survey popped up.

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