Good Morning,

I am an educator teaching Oracle database and development classes at a small private college. I have Oracle 8i Enterprise installed on my local office machine (Win XP Pro) and then, since I was going to teach a class on Oracle 6i Forms Builder, I installed Forms Developer 6i on the same machine. I was able to see that Forms 6i messed up my Oracle_Home information in the registry and made it so neither worked. I got my database working again, but Forms will not connect to the database, and I'm sure there is got to be some fix to the registry settings to get Forms to see it's copy of the tnsnames file for connection. Anybody know what it is or how to fix forms (and/or Oracle 8i) to work with a local database instance? Any ideas or help would be appreciated, I've checked otn.oracle.com and all the help files I have access to and they are no help at all


Kenny Wylies