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Thread: EXT4, F2FS File-System Performance On Linux 3.12

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    Default EXT4, F2FS File-System Performance On Linux 3.12

    Phoronix: EXT4, F2FS File-System Performance On Linux 3.12

    In this article are some preview performance benchmarks of the EXT4 and F2FS file-systems on the Linux 3.12 kernel that's still in early stages of development...

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    I don't think that's a relevant benchmark.

    SSDs have thick layer fo logic and buffering between NAND and PC so that they can cover the needs of classical fileysystems.

    F2FS comes into its own on cheap, "stupid" NAND Flash based media, like USB sticks for example.

    It makes a little or no sense to pay for all that extra stuff in SSD and then go for fileystem that offer all the stuff you don't really need that much with SSD and lacks in other, much more visible areas.

    Try them with cheap USB stick, SSD or smartmedia card to see the difference more clearly.

    And while at it, don't look just for speed of some simple test. Try endurance and performance under various, mixed loads. And writing on nearly full fs, deleting from such fs and writing new files etc etc.

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