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Thread: An Overview Of Linux 3.12 Kernel Features

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    Default An Overview Of Linux 3.12 Kernel Features

    Phoronix: An Overview Of Linux 3.12 Kernel Features

    The merge window for the Linux 3.12 kernel is coming to an end and 3.12-rc1 should be released soon. Here's an overview of the interesting merges that happened over the past two weeks as new features for Linux 3.12...

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    Default Runtime GPU power management

    Will this support for radeon discrete card (intel+radeon or radeon+radeon) be merged in later release candidates of 3.12 kernel? As far as I understand right now it only supports nvidia discrete GPUs.

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    So Pardon my ignorance but with the changes to XFS and BTRFS would i have to re-create my partitions to take advantage of the new changes/features...namely dedup in BTRFS? part of me thinks yes but just want to be sure...
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