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Thread: Linux Still Needs Better OpenGL Debugging Support

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    Default Linux Still Needs Better OpenGL Debugging Support

    Phoronix: Linux Still Needs Better OpenGL Debugging Support

    Intel's Ian Romanick will take to the Linux Plumbers Conference tomorrow with a plea to work together to provide better capabilities across the Linux stack for better debugging and profiling of graphics applications/systems on Linux. The open-source Intel Linux Mesa developer himself calls the current graphics debugging situation on Linux a "disaster" to be fixed...

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    Signing this. Yes please.

    Even the existing tools could use some love, eg apitrace:
    - the cli tool doesn't expose the buffer contents
    - the profiling output format seems to change often
    - building it always takes 15min of fighting with cmake. Whoever thought using cmake for it was a good idea ought to be shot

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    Yeah I hate cmake. Every time I've *had* to use it, I've battled with it as well.

    Development tools in general have suffered with regards to GPU programming. Almost a contradiction to Linux which should be the programmers dream.

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