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Thread: Kernel 3.11 + radeon.dpm=1 results in extremely slow performance

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    Default Kernel 3.11 + radeon.dpm=1 results in extremely slow performance

    Hi, any help here? I tried the radeon driver once again today (I have dual screen so I still suffer from the loud fan bug and generally use catalyst). However, after I heard that the radeon driver is at par with catalyst I tried it again today. Everything seemed to be slw as molasses, the gnome 3 menu looks like a slideshow being opened, flightgear gives 1 FPS, I kid you not!! (70 FPS on catalyst) and you should have listed to the fan! It sounded like a jet engine, especially when the aircraft is about to take off!! Youtube videos look like they were made in powerpoint.

    Any ideas as to what could be going wrong? I did check with dmesg, and dpm was on. The power level was at 0, but I forced it to "high" (level 2). That didnt help as well.
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