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Thread: Configure 3D ATI/AMD Catalyst Control Center

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    Default Configure 3D ATI/AMD Catalyst Control Center

    Hi, just to update virtualbox to version 4.3 and everything works correctly except that if I want to enable 3D acceleration tells me the following :

    The virtual machine is configured to use hardware graphics acceleration . However, the host system does not currently provide this so that you can not boot the virtual machine.
    I open the terminal :

    glxinfo | grep direct

    He says if I have 3D acceleration enabled .

    My graphics card is Ati / Amd 3300 and I have installed the proprietary drivers (13.1 Legacy) .. My OS is Linux Mint 13 Mate 64-bit ( Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ) .

    I open the terminal again:

    gksudo amdcccle
    Catalyst Control Center is opened in administrator mode . When I installed the driver I left all options default

    3D General Options.

    Anti -aliasing.

    Anti -aliasing adpatable.

    Anisotropic Filtering.

    Mipmap detail level.

    More values.

    If I check the box that says "Override Application Settings " from the options. Scroll bars are activated.
    Not sure if this has something to do with the problem ..

    Best Regards.

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    Hi I think I found the solution to the problem .. I have to install Enabling Video Hardware Acceleration ..

    Option A: Using the xvba-va Driver (VA-API)

    sudo apt-get install xvba-va-driver libva-glx1 libva-egl1 vainfo
    sudo vainfo
    If vainfo returns an error:

    For 64 bit systems:

    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/va/drivers/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/

    Option B: Using XBMC player (XvBA)

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:wsnipex/xbmc-xvba
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install xbmc
    sudo amdconfig --set-pcs-u32=MCIL,HWUVD_H264Level51Support,1

    I have the doubt which is the best choice for my case (Linux Mint 13 64-bit ATI Raedon HD3300 Integrated GPU)

    Can anyone help ?

    Thanks ..

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