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Sort of. But I'm not happy with winelib. I just don't see it ever being anything substantial. Those guys are too busy trying to emulate Windows.

I just think the focal point should be on the api that developers use, not reimplementing Win32 API. It was just an idea anyway.
The big problem is, you're talking about an API that they've just barely gotten a handle on- and it's not something that people haven't done already (RealtechVR implemented a DirectX 8.1 wrapper that supported pretty much everything on the Direct3D side. The big problem is: when you're talking 9.X, etc. you're talking about HLSL and a host of other things that you need to support, bug for bug, for it to be useful to a developer in that way.) Far easier, I think, to move the code to a more cross-platform state than do that. It's as herculean an effort as doing WINE in and of itself.

Nice idea- but in all the years of people trying, we're only talking about WINE being 1.0 after all this time. And there've been attempts that have been shelved because they weren't worth the pain.