After extensive work porting MINIX3 to the ARM architecture, work has been undertaken to port it to the Beaglebone Black development board.!to...x3/Tv3uh31--Qs

Current features are:
Drivers for AM335X Peripherals: i2c, rtc, gpio, padconf.
Power Management Drivers: TPS65217, TPS65950.
Environmental Sensor Drivers: SHT21, BMP085, TSL2550.
Miscellaneous Drivers: CAT24C256, TDA19988.
Features: rebooting, power-off, EDID reading.
Userland: /dev/i2c and i2cscan (from NetBSD), eepromread.
Expansion Boards: Weather Cape

Future planned features are:
Finish porting the frame buffer driver to AM335X.
Support for the 4D 4.3 LCD CAPE.
Support for HDMI output.
pkgsrc for Minix/arm.
Helping test release candidates.