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Thread: Pitivi 0.91 Released With GTK3, GES Support

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    Default Pitivi 0.91 Released With GTK3, GES Support

    Phoronix: Pitivi 0.91 Released With GTK3, GES Support

    Just a few days after the Pitivi 0.91 Alpha, the official release has occurred with support for the GTK+ 3.x tool-kit, GStreamer 1.x APIs, and is now powered by the GStreamer Editing Services...

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    Question What's Mikes problem with KDEnlive?

    Some nice improvements here for Pitivi but its still got a long way to go to catch up with KDEnlive!

    I have noticed that Michael never mentions KDEnlive when he talks about video editing under Linux nor does he announce new KDEnlive releases. Why? Surely he is aware of it and if he's used these things he'd be aware KDEnlive is head and shoulders above the Linux NLE competition (except Lightworks, but thats not FLOSS, yet).

    Did you fall out with the KDEnlive devs Michael?

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