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Thread: Favorite LAN party game?

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    Default Favorite LAN party game?

    What is your favorite? Why? Favorite genre for LAN parties?

    I'll start, I primarily like RTS games, simple learning curve and easy to get into. I have been thinking about sins of the solar empires for the next one I go to, hopefully people will want to play it!

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    Ever since we did LAN partys, wie played Counter-Strike (1.x), which isn't a native Linux game as you might know. The second place is WarCraft III, with its great fun maps like tower defenses, but also normal gameplay. I am talking about private 4-10 person LAN partys.

    I am looking forward to go to a bigger, public LAN party in the future to play some big multiplayer games like Enemey Territory: Quake Wars or the Battlefield series.

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