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Thread: Remote Access Proposal For Wayland's Weston

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delgarde View Post
    Is it?
    Let me quote from the mailing list proposal linked in the article:
    The remote-capture interface allows a particular output to be captured. It is created by specifying a shared memory region of the required size, and the output to capture. The interface allows a single refresh to be requested, in which case an update event will signal when the update is ready to be read from the buffer. It can also operate in continuous mode, when update events are sent whenever the output changes and the buffer has been updated. The update event contains the coordinates of the rectangle that changed (in coordinates relative to the output). This part is loosely based on weston's screenshooter code.
    Sounds very much like fullscreen capture to me.

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    Yeah, I've tried RealVNC and Remote Desktop Control, but I wasn't thrilled with any of those options. You get what you pay for. Now I use RHUB`s remote support servers for remote access. It's easy to use and secure.

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