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Thread: Dpm reboots crash on ubuntu 13.10(unity/compiz)

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    Default Dpm reboots crash on ubuntu 13.10(unity/compiz)

    Radeon dpm for me, work on kubuntu,xubuntu and others distros. but if I use ubuntu, after 3 or 4 minutes of use, unity turns black and I receive a message that say " low graphics mode", after this I can't click nothing..., I don't konow why! I tried with kernel 3.12 rc6 too, latest mesa 10.0 git, but nothing, with others DE'S all run ok.

    Amd radeon 7650d ( apu a8 5600k).

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    I have a similar problem with AMD A10-5800K and radeon.dpm=1. Unity can crash at any time with unity-system-compositor (XMir) or without it.

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