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Thread: The ASUS "Bay Trail" T100 Is Not Linux Friendly

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    Quote Originally Posted by sireangelus View Post
    i actually realized that bay trail has no emt64 support on it, so this might actually be a total waste of time trying to boot anything 64bit on it. As the old atoms did, the actual circuitry is there but is disabled/burned.

    Edit: apparently according to intel's Ark, i'm wrong. They do have emt64;
    They do have emt64, but the question is, why did Intel announce that the initial batch of Bay Trail hardware will only boot 32bit operating systems.

    I doubt most people will even be able to install a fresh copy x64 Windows 8.1 into the T100 unless Microsoft bundles both 32bit and 64bit EFI images in their x64 install ISO.

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    More of these systems from other OEMs are coming out, lets see if their UEFI implementations are any better...

    I'm really interested in one of those. Any luck on booting vanilla x86 distros?

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