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Thread: Fedora Is Testing Out KDE 4.11 Tomorrow

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    Default Fedora Is Testing Out KDE 4.11 Tomorrow

    Phoronix: Fedora Is Testing Out KDE 4.11 Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is a Fedora KDE Test Day as developers and users look out for bugs in KDE Plasma Workspace 4.11 ahead of next month's Fedora 20 release...

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    Default Slow download of ISO

    Is it just me, or the live ISO is really slow to download? I am getting no more than 200 KB/s peaks.
    Fedora with KDE is my main OS on the desktop, laptop and netbook, and I wanted to help with testing Fedora 20/ KDE 4.11.
    I guess everyone wants to do the same and the poor server is struggling for bandwidth. In such situations, P2P and torrents come to mind. On release day of big distros like Fedora and Ubuntu, I always have more luck with the torrents than the direct downloads.

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