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Thread: Fedora 21 Aims For Great OpenCL Support

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    Default Fedora 21 Aims For Great OpenCL Support

    Phoronix: Fedora 21 Aims For Great OpenCL Support

    If the next few months weren't already proving to be exciting enough for Linux fans with the many Linux 3.13 kernel features to come, continued open-source GPU driver improvements, more Linux improvements as a result of Valve's Linux gaming push, and Wayland beginning to take shape (on non-Ubuntu distributions), there's even more. Fedora 21 is aiming to be the first tier-one Linux distribution with "out of the box" OpenCL support...

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    oh god yes please please please do it

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    That would be awesome. Perhaps the 1st distro to be able to run FAH on the GPU using the AMD open driver..well I can dream.

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    Ohh... just imagine if they made Blender Cycles render work with amd cards, that could be hilarious cause the actual proprietary drivers is in a "not usable state" at the moment (Slower than CPU and can't compile with all features enabled).

    The amd devs seems to be busy doing other stuff cause we didn't see any progress with the OpenCl implementation so it could be possible for the Open source driver to take the lead this time.

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    If the open source world had a gpl gpu that was opengl and opencl compatible would driver development accelerate?

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