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Thread: PCIe bandwidth ...will only x4 make a big diff?

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    Default PCIe bandwidth ...will only x4 make a big diff?

    Good day.

    I'm looking at getting a 79xx series card. I may have to slap it onto a x16 slot that has only 4 lanes.
    I know PCIe b/w's but I can't figure out (for real usage) if the x4 will be a limiting factor...thoughts?

    Also, any recommendations on a single slot 7950GT ?
    The XFX looks tight

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    If I recall correctly, when using PCI-E x4 lanes with a current generation graphics card the drop was only about 5FPS or so. I'll try to check back on that.

    eVGA and ASUS are among the manufacturers that produce quality cards.

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