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Thread: F2FS File-System Major Linux 3.13 Enhancements

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    Default F2FS File-System Major Linux 3.13 Enhancements

    Phoronix: F2FS File-System Major Linux 3.13 Enhancements

    For those in need of a high-performance specially-optimized file-system for flash storage devices, the F2FS file-system developed at Samsung has seen more "major enhancements" queued up for the Linux 3.13 kernel...

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    I'm espcially interrested to see the performance of sqlite, mysql and postgresql on these filesystems!

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    F2FS seems like a great little file system that I hope will become standard for Android devices starting with Android 5.0. Moto X is already using it, and so far both benchmarks and real usage has shown the phone runs great, even with a dual core processor. I saw Motorola announce the Moto G today, which I think uses F2FS, too, and they say how much faster it is to open applications, even compared to the Galaxy S4 (even though the Moto G costs 3x less). So yeah, F2FS seems to be shaping up great. Can't wait to see it in more devices.

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    would f2fs be good for ssd type drives or is it mainly for phones and thumb drives?

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