Hi everyone,

after my 8 year old SBLive died, I'm looking for a new Soundcard. Since I'm running Linux that gets a little more difficult.

I've quite a lot of questions, maybe some can be answered here:

1. Is 5.1 working in Linux? Is it worth anything? Is it worth anything when using those 5.1 headphones?
2. Is there any good Soundcard with reliable hardware mixing (no dmix/dsnoop crap), sound recording (for voice chatting), several outputs seperately controlable (eg. headphones in one plug, hifi system in another)?
3. Any good headphones? I'm listening to a lot of high quality recorded music (always using flac) and play games sometimes, so thats what the main focus should be.
4. Any good microphone? I don't like the headsets with integrated microphones, I'd prefer one placed on the table. Quality doesn't have to be great, used for VoIP.

Thanks for your time!