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Thread: What Laptops Would You Like To See Tested On Linux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarmad View Post
    I have a Samsung as well, but an older version (the one with HD 6750m). Like you, I also have disabled the discrete graphics. I got some advices on how to get the discrete working with the open source drivers but I just didn't have time to try it out (very busy these days). Catalyst was a complete failiure with broken vertical sync. The only other thing I couldn't get to work well is the internal mic which has a lot of noise, so I have to use a USB headset whenever I want to voice chat. Have you seen a similar issue with the mic?
    No my mic has been fine. Perhaps take a look with alsamixer at your capture settings.

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    Thumbs up Linux laptops for 3D artist!!

    I'd like to see the HP Pavilion DV6 (Intel Core i7, Nvidia GeForce GT) and an HP ZBook mobile workstation



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    Default Acer c720 chromebook

    Another vote for a chrome book. I'm thinking about getting the $200 Acer c720 Chromebook which has the haswell celeron processor in it. Would love to know how well it goes with Linux.

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