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Thread: Measuring Fedora's Boot Performance

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    Default Measuring Fedora's Boot Performance

    Phoronix: Measuring Fedora's Boot Performance

    Last month we had measured Ubuntu's boot performance via the open-source Bootchart utility and had done this on all Ubuntu releases between Ubuntu 6.06 LTS and the latest development build at the time for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. From this testing we had found the boot time to decrease with each official release and the maximum disk throughput increasing. With Fedora 9 Sulphur due out next month, we have done this same boot performance testing on the Fedora side with Core 4, Core 5, Core 6, 7, 8, and 9 Rawhide.

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    I've been running Ubuntu forever, but been meaning to give Fedora a try recently. I have not like earlier Fedoras, but haven't tried since around 6 or so.

    I'm planning to give it a partition and a few weeks next month. Looking forward to trying it out. Although the boot time is a little woeing, ouch. If the suspend support can be better than Hardy that will compensate a little.

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    it is important to note that f9 is switching to upstart just as ubuntu. this is one of the reason why there is such a mess at the moment. but i think, together red hat and canonical will boost upstart (just look at ubuntu-brainstorm - upstart is at a high position) so that booting is finally getting faster. upstart promises a lot of possibilities, it seems really fantastic.
    look at the roadmap...i would like to see an operating system that only loads services that it acutally needs.
    why launch cupsD when you don't have a printer? and so one...more hotpluggin hotness
    i'm really excited. btw: suse seems to switch to upstart, too.(rumours...)

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    I am really surprised by the outcomes of the numbers.
    I've never had my system take almost a full minute to boot up. The only time I did was when I had my network setup improperly and it waited on a 20 second time out for my wireless network card.

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    Default Fedora 7

    You can't be serious, that you take only one measurement. Fedora 7 waited idle on your DHCP server for 17 seconds. So please correct your statistics from 87s to 70s or run F7 again.

    For the reference here is more statistics:

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