Glest seems to be very unstable on my ATi based laptop. It consistently crashes on the same spot all the time. At first I thought this might be related to 64-bits version of the game, but that has nothing to do with it. My main rig is also running 64-bits Linux and the very same binaries as the laptop, i.e off the distribution's repositories. However on my desktop I have an nVidia graphics card with its respective drivers, while in the Laptop I have an ATi IGP with the fglrx drivers.

The game consistently crashes on the laptop in any game as soon as I select a pawn unit and start gathering resources, it doesn't matter if it is a Magic's acolyte or a Tech's Pawn. As soon as I mark the target for the unit to start gathering resources (right-click) the game segfaults. However on my desktop the game runs just fine.

Both machines are running the same distribution (Fedora 8 x86_64) with the game binaries obtained in the same manner (via package manager off the distro's repositories) and only on the laptop the game crashes. Can someone else confirm that this crash may be related to fglrx?