Well, I was writing to ask for a test profile for Linux ACPI.
But in the meantime I found this:

Exactly what I was asking for! I thought of posting this as a reference for others looking for power management tests. Also, by posting this here I hope it gains a wider audience and someone with more knowledge than myself gets to write a PTS test profile for this ACPI test tool.

Also they use git for versioning:
Alas, I found no word on licensing...

They also provide other power-related tests:
* battery life,
* power profiling for applications (by a tool called powerTOP)
An idea I like a lot (http://www.lesswatts.org/projects/ap...ed-devices.php):
<<Unused Devices Should Not Be Kept Open The Linux kernel often uses device being open to indicate that a device is in use, for devices like sound controller. If the application leaves a device open, even when the device is not being actively used, the kernel will assume that the device is in use. As a result, the device will not go into power saving state. Applications should close the device when they are not being used. >>