@ Forge : I think you have made a point that is quite true and frustrating to me and possibly others. Its pretty discomforting that linux kernel and xorg, which form the crux, are so volatile. Things just keep breaking and everyone is tired of fixing. Situation is so bad that straight forward upgrades that should be blind, are to be looked with suspicion, especially of regressions! The linux kernel has become notorious of making such one liner changes (syntax, # of arguments ...) that break every third party driver. (And I know that the maintainer of at least one kernel patchset - beyond / nitro sources had discontinued for this very reason.)

Nvidia fixes things reasonably quickly. VMWare is perennially broken. They release a major beta - vmware 6.5, that supports directx9, and it doesn't run on 2.6.24 . Wonder how are people supposed to beta use it .

And god bless xorg. Let them come up with gallium, dri2, exa and may be platinum and dri10 and exxxa, and hopefully there is at least one vintage graphics card (matrox/3dfx?) old that functions reasonably .