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Thread: Nvidia drivers currently very poorly... why NVIDIA?

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    Default Nvidia drivers currently very poorly... why NVIDIA?


    I know everyone on the good driver for nvidia series 8xxx wait but when this comes drivers? There is information ...?

    What's wrong with NVIDIA+LINUX?
    2D Slow, 3D Slow...! why?

    There is a good alternative except "nv" and "nvidia"?

    Is AMD/ATI better future for LINUX?

    Thank you!
    PS: Sorry for Google translated English...
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    i'd say AMD will become the best soon, once RadeonHD matures, but right now.. well.. it isnt..

    Btw, it seems to me that only 2d is slow under 8800gt, 3d seems fast enough.. I can play nexuiz at max detail (well, except world shadows) in 1920x1200. And savage2 in 2560x1600.

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