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I just found the Phoronix article about the Asus Chromebook C720 and thought to myself that this netbook might be the ideal replacement for my old Asus EeePC 901 netbook. So I checked it out and found that it uses an Intel Celeron 2955U processor. This particular CPU lacks AES-NI support. But especially for netbooks with ULV and LV processors (which in general are not very fast) AES hardware instructions would be very helpful to keep good overall performance when using encrypted partitions.

So, I refrain from this idea to get the Asus Chromebook.

I am still looking for a netboot that meets the following criteria:
  • Architecture: x86 i.e. IA-32
  • Firmware: Coreboot, but with the possibility to add SeaBIOS or Tiano Core for Windows compatibility
  • OS: Arch Linux or Debian GNU/Linux, but using LUKS to encrypt everything. Windows is planned only as a second OS if at all, but then unencrypted.
  • CPU: AES-NI (AES encryption instructions) and VT-x/AMD-V (hardware virtualization support)

Optional, but preferred are the following CPU features:
  • SSE4.1/4.2 and AVX (2.0)
  • VT-d or AMD-Vi (IOMMU)

The only CPU I found that fullfils these wishes is an Intel Core i3-4010U like in the Acer Aspire E1-572-34014G50, but it doesn't come with Coreboot. Well, it doesn't come with ChromeOS either.

So, my question is, if anyone of you know of and may recommend a netbook that uses Coreboot, is flashable (to open up Coreboot for the SeaBIOS payload) and has a CPU with AES-NI and VT-x/AMD-V?

Thanks in advance,
No modern CPU has x86 architecture
IOMMU is dependant on motherboards firmware and thats precisely the thing which notebook manufacturers dont give shit about
From security standpoint it might be better not to use AES-NI