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Good machine, Good price, CPU low consume, GPU graphics good and another specs from mini pc

On windows must be work without problems but on linux (AMD hardware is good but lack software support) driver support is very bad compared from nvidia
My experience with it in Window$ is indeed nice and power drain very good (thanks also to underclock and undervolting done) , even noise level is better than ATX builds that i had made in the past.
Very good temps also...i bet it can deal with our Summers with temps of 40C

As for Linux, only experimented with Catalyst and both video playback and the games i played (not many because this machine was build to use Window$ for some months (want reach Level 50 in BFBC2 ) played really well.

I have high hopes that AMD will improve their driver for Linux in the next months, mainly driven by SteamOS "challenge".

As for APU socket, this MoBo uses FM2+ socket that accepts AMD Trinity, Richland, Kaveri, and, in a non-offical manner, it's already "confirmed" that will also support Carrizo