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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonadow View Post
    The 5770 is supported by the open r600g drivers. and r600g is known to be almost at performance parity with Catalyst (about 70 - 80%). So there is no reason to need Catalyst for your card at all.

    If it were a Southern Islands (7XXX series) or Sea Islands (8xxx series) then using Catalyst makes sense. But not for the Evergreen series.
    Two reasons:

    1. The DPM fails to switch when you have dual monitors hooked up to the card. So, my fan runs at full speed and sounds like a tank, and the card gets hot.

    2. I do not believe that r600g is at 80% performance parity with catalyst. The proprietery drivers gives 50 FPS constantly on flightgear and the r600g driver gives 10-30FPS. When I work on some 3D modeling software inside virtualbox, it lags. It lags in games inside virtualbox. Lag lag lag lag I am tired of this lag.

    However, that is not even the main point. The old nvidia card gives me 30-40 FPS - so if Radeon's performance is this poor, then AMD should be concerned. The nvidia card does not lag all when I am using gnome shell, or for firefox scrolling or anything else actually. It is very very smooth.

    It scores 80-110% of catalyst paared with working DPM and video acceleration, so why bother?
    As I said, DPM doesnt work at all if you have GDD5 memory and use dual head. It is always stuck on power level 2.
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