What I don't understand is how you can blatantly lie in front of a camera and in magazines, promising a Linux-client ("we love all platforms equally"...) and then jump into bed with Microsoft, release GoW as "Games for Windows" and let them frack up your plans on releasing a completely different game that's not published by Redmond.

Sure, the game-industry is full of lies, but mostly it's about "the game is finally done", while it isn't and needs patching to be even playable on more than 70% of the consumers computers, but the promise of a linux-client without delivering it even after more than half year, that's just sad. Ignoring questions regarding the client is even more frustrating.

At the very least, they're not cancelling their support and tell their customers to "**** off" and lay off their studios mistakes as the fault of the evil warez-downloaders, like a known german studio did.

That's no way to treat your customers and I'm very glad I never bought the game, without being able to install it on the platform of my choice.

If the client ever gets released, I'll just grab the cheap 10-version of the game, just to support their linux-client-statistics. Maybe they'll wake up in a few years, when releasing Unreal 3 or something like that and acknowledge the customers, that supported their previous franchise and brought them where they are now.

If not, they'll just end up like everyone who ever was in bed with MS. It's like the arrogant prick who shags the naive beauty, not remembering her name in the morning and feeling good about that.