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I do see a silver lining in the fact that they have not simply flat out canned the Linux client altogether. No news is still good news in this case. I believe Epic still wants to release it, especially if they've already paid one or more developers like Ryan Gordon to port it. I also believe that Microsoft has had a heavy hand in preventing it from being released. Gears of War was a huge success on the 360 and it would not surprise me if Microsoft and Epic made an exclusivity agreement for Gears of War 2 and as part of that agreement prevented the Unreal Engine from being ported to other platforms such as the PS3 and/or Linux for a certain amount of time as is typically done for most exclusive console titles.

My only hope at this point is that the 5+ wait is not an indication that Epic will abandon all future Linux endeavors. The fact that they've publicly announced their love for consoles to the detriment of even the Windows platform has me even more concerned for the future of Epic games on Linux.

Huh? The PS3 version has been out since early December. There have been many games in the past with "Linux version to be available" that never see the light of day. They next to never put out a release what will say "We said we would put a client out, but we changed our minds." Almost in every single case where a linux client was pulled or killed there hasn't been a press release saying so. They just let people yell until they go away.