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Changes from 2.2.2 to 2.2.3

bug fixes:

* fixed rocket eating downer teleporters
* fixed center of crylink for small values of g_balance_crylink_secondary_shots
* autoscreenshot fixed again
* chmap command was not validated for master users; could lead to wrong game cvars in-game
* fix empty player names
* respawn when releasing the fire button to prevent shooting on respawning
* fix many engine crashes on loading invalid data files
* fix negative ping values in server browser or "teamstatus" info
* fix severe remote file read/overwrite security hole in "gamedir" command (2.2.1 was NOT affected as the command was new in 2.2.2)
* on OS X, work around driver bugs (again, but I won't put a rant here now...) by forcing the texture non-power-of-two extension off
* outdated links in Docs fixed
* only shuffle map list once per server start; also, the first map was not always chosen randomly
* missing "is playing now" message for observers starting to play
* sequential map selection used a too small cycle when a map was named twice

new features:

* nexuiz-linux scripts can now take an option +vid_x11_display :3 or a cvar of the name vid_x11_display. If the named display does not exist, it gets created using startx; otherwise Nexuiz will run on that display. Useful for Xgl users.
* cmd info (something) displays the contents of the server cvar sv_info_(something) so server admins can put text there
* vdo login (string) gives the issuer vote master status (can use vdo to directly issue any votable command) if (string) matches sv_vote_master_password
* update notification when the version after 2.2.3 comes out
* a new hidden mutator our old stagers will recognise
* respawn delay is now configurable: g_respawn_delay, g_respawn_waves, g_ctf_respawn_delay, g_ctf_respawn_waves; maybe the defaults will get changed in the future
* new cvar sv_random_seed for reproducable server benchmarks
* in server browser responses, bots now always get a ping of 0 and players always get a ping >= 1. That way, programs like xqf can show separate bot and player counts
* better configurable gloss
* fake stencil shadows via r_shadows
* sv_public -2 now prevents anyone from join; sv_public -1 immediately removes the server from server browsers
* net_banlist cvar to contain a list of banned IPs
* "tell # 3 some text" now tells the player 3 (as seen in status) some text; this is consistent with the kick command
* new bloom code to better match HDR rendering; main difference between r_hdr and r_bloom now is just reduced moiree effect of bloom

Download: http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/inde...dule=downloads