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Thread: Phoronix Test Suite 0.4.0 Released

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    Emerging today in git is line graphing support of these monitor results too....

    There are some minor bugs to work out in the line graphing and some other things to clean up, but it's working in git now. I also haven't decided whether to integrate any of these thermal monitor measurements into PTS Global. At this point I am thinking no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by puntarenas View Post

    There is another thing that came to my mind which I am a bit concerned about. PTS generates a lot of additional traffic on external sites (think of all the Nexuiz downloads). Wouldn't it be fair to have those dependencies bundled in an archive and distributed throug bittorrent or something similar? Maybe an included bittorrent downloader would help to reduce traffic impact and be more gentleman like.
    Possibly... Though most of the big downloads (i.e. Nexuiz) are going through SourceForge and not little bootstrapped servers. In fact, it's the Phoronix-Test-Suite server that's already getting crunched.

    Quote Originally Posted by puntarenas View Post
    BTW, I wrote a german tutorial at to spread the word.

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    A few more monitor improvements... ACPI temperatures are also tapped into now too.

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    Will it generate such a curve for every single test? If it is an overall view, it would be nice to associate the readings with the corresponding test in some way.

    Any chance to see the values as numbers in addition? As it is now, it is hard to read off the exact values?

    (I'm sorry, but I cannot try out the GIT version right now, so I have to ask stupid questions )

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    It will generate a graph as an overview of whatever you ran.... if you did phoronix-test-suite benchmark multicore it will do it for multicore, if you did it for phoronix-test-suite benchmark doom3, it will do it for just doom3. I can easily make it associate the readings, but I am not sure how to best put the information with the graph. For a long test, there is limited room between the points so all of the text would get scrunched together. It wouldn't be easy to read. If there were just like two tests that would be fine. Even if using time as in like the number of seconds in the test, that still might be too big.

    Values could easily be added somewhere if the test isn't too long.

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    The file pts/benchmark-resources/build-imagemagick/ contains a hardlink to ImageMagick download.

    "wget -O image-magick.tar.bz2", but ImageMagick-6.4.0-8.tar.bz2 is no longer in archive on FTP. Since the folder contains ImageMagick.tar.bz2 which always is linked to latest source, why not use it?

    If you're worried by different test results, maybe a FTP with longer/older archive should be used.

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