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Thread: Gets 9,000 Signatures

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    Default Gets 9,000 Signatures

    Phoronix: Gets 9,000 Signatures

    When started in late February, within one week of its launch it already had 5,000 signatures and days later it passed the 6,000 and 7,000 marks too. This letter was an open letter to NVIDIA looking for more information on their open-source strategy...

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    well the signature rate seems to have seriously slowed down.

    i think people don't have high hopes for nvidia opening up their specs.

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    what wasn't mentioned in this press release what was said by Dell's John Hull and others about ATI and NVIDIA towards the end of that talk. That there was by far the most interesting highlight of the second day, but unfortunately we're not able to talk about it.
    Arggh the curiosity is killing me

    Unfortunately that survey hasn't moved much since about week after it came out. Maybe it needed more publicity or maybe people were too lazy. Oh well, perhaps Nvidia will decide to open their specs just because it's the right thing to do

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    Default Hmm...

    I wonder what could possibly apply to both ati and nvidia that could be juicy. After all ati has already released specs and open drivers are being developed. If I'm reading the statement right it means that whatever they said applies equally to both ati and nvidia.

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