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Nvidia is the only graphics company actively adressing performance of it's cards underneath Linux.

AMD has good drivers, PS4/Sony is somehow getting a great driver for their FreeBSD kernel.

Somebody is lying. I've got an APU -- e450 -- and it just midway through last year got a decent driver where XBMC would play 1080p without stuttering.
It's a beta driver.
I had to hack out the watermark. Fantastic!

Quality work.
I also have an e460 based HTPC, and like you I used to use the Xvba version of XBMC. However, the open source driver is absolutely crushing it now. It uses much less power, and supports more video formats. See here:

Right now it relies on 3.13 kernel and Git Mesa, but this stuff will be out in normal channels in the next release cycle. Open Source drivers on lower power APUs is a really great choice for an HTPC now.