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there are lots of frameworks and opensource 3d engines for linux. go ahead and pick one. some of them are even crossplatform.

single focused effort is just so not-linux. linux is all about diversity. there are almost always a couple of software solutions for a certain problem, be it kernel, libc, editor, desktop, graphics system, or something else. they compete with each other, and at some time they gain a following and eventually set a standard.

that's just so wrong, i won't even bother with a response.

rewriting a game from DirectX into other platform independent solution is no easy task. it's an expensive undertaking.

since the linux gamers community is small, it just does not pay off. besides you have to maintain two codebases if you port a game from directx to ... someting else that also does not pay off.

if you write it to use something crossplatform from the very beginning - that's a different story.

as for that crossplatform game development package - ever been to http://www.ogre3d.org/ ? there ARE commercial games developed on top of this tool. it has at least an opengl and directx backend.

let's start with better graphics drivers first. the rest is mostly ready. this one problem is mainly out of the reach of the community. for now.

i wish people who think linux is/should be a 1:1 windows clone would "just pack up and leave". i hate that. why does everyone expect linux to become a windows clone?

i'd like to see some proof of that "doing nothing". and doing "more harm than good".

Linux is trying to get into the mainstream. just when it catches up, new problems arise. mostly in the form of closed source drm-ish solutions, which are supposed to help certain vendor gain more market share. that's pretty unfair, don't you agree?
Yeah pack up and leave how dare you expect to play something current in Linux! If you want to game go to the "true" Gaming OS, XP or Vista right? I mean thats what you are saying, Linux cant do what Windows can and it shouldn't even try. Wow, people actually are looking to Linux because they want something better and we have people slamming them for being honest about wanting to do the things they could do in the other os.

Why cant Linux play games, real games, current games?

Oh by the way consoles suck. I look forward to a FPS that will allow me to play against Console users. That would be a hoot.