Amazing, I never would have imagined that a file system thread could mutate into a religious discussion. Yes, the movie you are looking for is "Conspiracy Theory", and yes, there is much Zionism in America. There is, however, no evidence to show that Reiser's jailing is a result of Microsoft's (and the Jews') actions. Reiser's jailing is much more likely the result of our flawed judicial system (or, unfortunately, but less likely, a very large mistake on his part).

Furthermore, if the exclusion of reiserfs4 from the mainline kernel is an attempt to keep us from a revolutionary file system, then why aren't ext4 and zfs being censored, and their creators being thrown in jail. Therefore, it is much more likely that the reiserfs4 file system was excluded due to laziness, technicalities, or misunderstandings.

I agree that ext4 is no more ready for the kernel that reiserfs4. The solution to quicker maturity, of course, is to include both in the kernel to allow easier testing. I hope reiserfs4 is soon accepted by the kernel developers for this reason. Until then we will have to do the work of patching the new kernels ourselves in order to test the latest and greatest file systems against those which we are accustom to.