Well, I hope this problem would go away, but it kept the same since many releases now.
I believe it started with the memory-leakage-bug ...

After a fresh reboot 3D is working just fine with good speed.
I'll check with fgl_gears : about 1000fps
Then, if I use some 3D-Game or application, everything is still fine, speed is still ok. Then if I quit the game/application the speed goes down by about 25-30% (fgl_gears again) and when I start some game again, I notice a large speed decrease. Though if I quit the game/application again, I get another speed-decrease, which is in total about 50-60%.
The next application or the 2. next crash the system totally. The screen halts and doesnt react to anything anymore. I have to reboot.

From my point of view this is a MAJOR issue, since 3D is almost unusable. I can't reboot everything I use a 3D Application.

Anybody has similiar issues and reported this bug perhaps already?


This is not a Distrubution problem, since it happens here with 2 different ones with different Arch

Debian AMD64 and Gentoo x86.
Hardware: X1300pro