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The first sort of works okay under PA's OSS emulation. The second can be easily sorted out by making OpenAL think it's talking to OSS or ALSA depending on what else the title's doing.
I tried PA's OSS emulation today and it's not really a viable solution as I got a lot of popping/crackling noise with it. Hopefully it'll improve and become a viable solution soon enough.

If ALSA is so cumbersome to work directly with, why not use some sort of HAL (SDL making use of OpenAL or PA directly)?

Now, I know OpenAL itself is undergoing heavy development as well, especially with its new Sampling Implementation (or whatever its called), which is more efficient and what not. IIRC one of the ultimate goals of PA is to serve as a sort of HAL for sound devices so developers code for it instead of the underlying "bare metal" API (OSS/ALSA) and ensure compatibility, however to achieve this, PA has to first become the defacto standard Sound backend for Linux (as X is for graphics, yes I know I must seem like a scratched record by now), to really work this way.
PA is slowly becoming the defacto standard because with both Fedora and Ubuntu using it PA has a fair percentage of the Linux user base. So given some more time I think more distro's will follow suit and start using it.