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Thread: 2D performance on 'radeon' vs 'radeonhd'

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    Now if only someone would create bleeding-edge git .deb files for those packages...

    Look here:

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    Default 2D performance on 'radeon' vs 'radeonhd'

    Next up on our testing schedule let's spend some time taking a look at power consumption. Rather than isolate the power consumption of the individual component being reviewed, we'll instead be taking a look at the power consumption of our test system as a whole to get a more real-world example of how an average system will behave in this discipline, comparing power usage with both a single Radeon HD 4850 board as well as with two boards running in CrossFire in place.For this review, we've split our power consumption testing into three segments, measuring the power used first when idling at a Windows Vista desktop, followed by testing again while playing back a Blu-Ray movie and then running an intensive 3D rendering task courtesy of 3DMark Vantage's two GPU tests.

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