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Thread: [ HELP ] ati drivers ...

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    Question [ HELP ] ati drivers ...


    following my previous thread, I finally achieved to get the ati 8.4 drivers to work !

    Kernel 2.6.24 with 4 gigs of ram and no memory relocation in the bios resulted in a working xorg but only 3,3Gigs of ram available ...

    What should I do to get the whole 4 gigs usable ?

    I also tried to upgrade my kernel to 2.6.25 but fgl_glxgears is seg faulting and the scrolling under firefox ultra laggy.

    I went back to my previous 2.6.24 kernel ...

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    Lightbulb To be continued ...

    Using the ATI 8.4 drivers, if I use xine (or gxine) to watch a mkv video file, the X server crashes just at the end of the playback and I can't restart it (it locks the computer) ...

    I'll re-install another distro which is only using the 32 bits arch to see if that can solve some of my issues ...

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