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(PS A Falcon 4 port to linux, despite being a 10 year old sim, would be far more profitable for LPG and it's a game that really has no substitute in windows let alone linux)
I wish that would be doable, deanjo- really, I would. I'd do my best to jam a remix of that one specifically for Linux out the door. The problem would be that if we COULD find the rights holder, I doubt they'd be reasonable on royalties to make it happen. If you can find me the rights holder and I can make him allow it to happen, I'd knock it out for you just because of what I said- because it'd be a Linux SKU to point people to to help fix the problem.

Wanna step up to the plate? I can't do it on my own because MY plate's a bit full with things including a full-time job above and beyond the LGP stuff.