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Thread: hw-compatibility: 780g and s-ata controllers

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    Question hw-compatibility: 780g and s-ata controllers


    I'm planning on building a home-NAS (preferrably with opensolaris and zfs), and the AMD 780g chipset looks perfect to me. In addition an s-ata controller is a must-have. I have tried to see if there is any support in opensolaris for 780g, and failed. (No conclusive answer, but most likely there is no support at the moment).

    I have not been able to find conclusive results regarding opensolaris and cheap S-ATA controllers either, all I know is that there has been success with some SiL3114 controllers if you flash the bios of the controller with the "non-SATARAID bios":

    Any help regarding support is very appreciated

    I would like to run a Phenom CPU on a mobo with built-in gfx/vga, preferrably in micro-atx form factor, and need a 4-port s-ata controller. Any mobo will do, but if there is support for the 780g that would be best. Anyone know what the "support situation" on opensolaris is?
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