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Tormod, current packages for Hardy miss 'XInput.h'. That header is in Hardy original 'x11proto-input-dev' package, later that header was moved to 'libxi-dev' as i see, but that package was not also updated for Hardy.
Thanks for the info. Yeah, those files moving around between packages make things complicated. I guess compiling an input driver on top of the current stack would fail then. The ones in the PPA were built before I pushed this x11proto-input-dev. But the server and video drivers build fine, so I don't worry too much. I don't plan on maintaining the Hardy packages much more, it's out of scope for xorg-edgers. It's just that I have an R500 card at work, where I still run Hardy...

I could spin a new libxi-dev, but I don't want to risk breaking something and spending time on fixing it. However, if you make a new libxi-dev and test it properly, I could push it in