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Thread: Installing latest Open Source ATI drivers under Ubuntu 8.04

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    An accelerator could be written using shaders like any GPGPU application but noone's got a working implementation, only a few unfinished summer of code projects. All that could seem busy trying to make 3D acceleration work instead.
    General consensus is that implementing shader-based video decode over Gallium3D makes more sense than doing a hardware-specific implementation for every different GPU family. The current focus on 3D work reflects that :

    Classic 3D => Gallium3D => video decode over Gallium3D

    One thing I haven't had time to check is whether XvMC can be useful for H.264 and VC-1 if only the MC portion of the API were used (ie not IDCT, where the MPEG-2 coefficients definitely won't work). My guess is that XvMC in its current form simply won't fit with the newer video formats, so there's a strong argument for implementing a Gallium3D backend directly in the existing decoder stacks.
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