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What i wish for it is to simply work for the upstream code. If distributions modify, that is for them to deal with, but I as an advanced user cannot use "support redhat/suse" at all, i dont use these distributions, what i can however use, is the knowledge that specific code will work, its then up to ME to make sure that software is actually like that, and not modified, and indeed _I_ will take care of this.
It's distribution-specific tweaks that give Linux users (not to mention developers) heartburn. While Redhat (and Fedora) require one set of changes post-install, SuSE and openSuSE require a different (but fortunately smaller) post-install tweak (it's a known issue since 10.2; 10.3 and the pre-11.0 builds currently being tested still have not fixed it yet). However, it's still different from Fedora/RH, not to mention Debian-based builds and Gentoo (let alone Damn Small or YellowDog).